Our experts are a part of many different professional organizations and may want to display that in their email signatures, or maybe your division is attending a conference and want to promote that to clients when emailing them. This will offer guidance on how to best set that up within brand guidelines.

NOTE: Any email signature containing a logo besides the Smithers logo needs to be approved by the divisional marketing leader.

Displaying Organizations/Associations Within Email Signatures

Below you will see a screenshot exhibiting the proper way to display any organizations or professional associations you may be a part of in an email signature. They should be placed after the title, before the company name. The Smithers logo should be 188px wide. Using a higher resolution logo and scaling it down is acceptable as well. Secondary logos should be icon sized, and no larger than 80% of the Smithers ball (32px by 32px). Employees may display up to 6 organizations or professional associations in their email signature, although fewer are preferred. All secondary logos should be displayed on one line, just beneath the job title/department. The black dots serve as examples of where to put professional association's logos within your signature.

Below you will also see a screenshot of the improper way to display a professional association's logo alongside the Smithers logo. You will see that these logos are too close together and the same size. This could give the indication to someone viewing the signature that Smithers runs this other organization. If possible, the Smithers logo should remain on its own line in the signature. If however, the other logo needs to be on the same line, the distance apart the logos should be is, at minimum, the width of the Smithers “M” away from the edge of the Smithers ball logo.

Displaying Conference Promotion Within Email Signatures

You may want to display the logo of an important conference is attending within your signature as well. The proper way to do this is displayed below. You will see that the emphasis remains on the Smithers logo, while promoting the conference with a graphic that utilizes Smithers brand colors.

If you would like additional guidance, or would like assistance creating graphics that align with brand guidelines, please feel free to reach out to Ryn Voith (rynvoith@gmail.com) or Garrett Moore (garrett.moore@smithers.com). 

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