Divisional Acronym Policy

Never use any of the following Divisional acronyms on any external documents that could be seen by customers.

  • MSE
  • ERS
  • SMI
  • SQA
  • PDS
  • MDT
  • CTS

Talking to the market in general terms

  • Marketing messages:
    • Ex. Smithers has expertise in large molecules...
    • Smithers provides these services from its laboratories in...
  • Proposal documentation:
    • Ex. This work will be undertaken in accordance with Smithers’ accreditation to ISO 17025. Any conclusions given in the final report will be outside the scope of UKAS accreditation.
For PRs, Smithers is always the one acting, not the Division.
  • Press Release headline examples:
    • Smithers Strengthens Global Integrated Services for Automotive...
    • Smithers Names New Director of Sales and Global Marketing for its Quality Assessment Services*
      • *Our Divisions are behind-the-scenes organisational structure. We always talk from a whole Smithers perspective - so refer to Smithers services in a headline not a Division. Introduce Divisional context further down the PR

Need to be specific or add context to a press release?

  • Use the Smithers >DIVISION NAME< Division
    • ‚ÄčEx. The new laboratory is part of the Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division*...
      • *Always capitalize Division

Job titles

  • Describing a role: Dave Schwarz is the president of the Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division
  • Exception if you are quoting an actual job title (use job title + Division name + 'Division')
    • Ex. “Insert great quote,” said Nat Leonard, President, Materials Science and Engineering Division

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