2023 ACS Fall Meeting Chaired Symposium

2023 ACS Fall Meeting Chaired Symposium

Smithers Environmental Fate and Metabolism scientists will chair a symposium at the 266th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, August 13-17, 2023, in San Francisco, California, USA. 

Symposium: Uses of HPLC-Mass Spectrometry in Support of Agricultural Research and Development - Trends and Best Practices

Purpose of Symposium
Improvements in instrumentation and, more recently in software, have been some of the most important drivers in the way agricultural research and development is done. Newer mass spectrometry instrumentation and data processing tools have provided better analyte selectivity, improved sensitivity, and higher throughput. Instruments incorporating accurate mass and high mass resolution capabilities significantly impact how studies are performed. The improvements mentioned above have made lower cost instrumentation more available to laboratories in the Ag industry, CROs, and academia. Accurate mass technology is now used routinely in all aspects of Ag R&D such as product discovery and development, product registration, and monitoring of food and environmental samples.  While accurate mass instruments have gained ground, many low resolution instruments are still in use especially in residue analyses; any LC-MS application in support of Ag R&D is of interest in this symposium

Suggested Topics 
  • Use of high resolution, accurate mass (HRAM) instrumentation for metabolite (compound) identification
  • Use of role of HRAM instrumentation for quantitative analyses
  • HRAM-based quantitative/qualitative workflows for pesticide discovery
  • High throughput applications
  • Advanced software applications for compound identification and structural elucidation
  • Applications of ion mobility mass spectrometry in Agricultural research and development
  • Isotopic labeling of agrochemicals to assist in metabolite identification
  • Applications using the accurate mass or high resolution capabilities of instrumentation in multi-residue analyses
  • Mass spectrometry for confirmation of animal drug residues
  • Targeted and non-targeted pesticide residue analysis
  • Applications of MS-based imaging in agricultural research and development
  • Surprise us
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