Rory Mumford

Mr. Rory Mumford, Technical Expert, Environmental Fate and Metabolism, has been working in contract research for nearly 20 years. Rory joined Smithers in 2014 as Senior Manager for Accurate Mass Spectrometry, and is responsible for Environmental Fate and Metabolism studies, managing the Metabolism team at our Harrogate, UK laboratory. He is currently developing in vitro assays in support of human comparative metabolism and using in vitro techniques as a tool to aid metabolite identification in plant and animal studies.

Rory worked previously at Charles River Laboratories as a technical expert in mass spectrometry and separation sciences, and has been heavily involved in metabolite identification throughout his career.
Rory has a B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry and Medicinal Science from the University of Teesside in the United Kingdom, and is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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