We use an Axicon 12000 2D Barcode Verifier to provide repeatable and accurate results for data matrix barcodes. Data matrix testing is crucial, as it allows you to verify that a variety of scanners can repeatedly read your codes with ease. Depending on the quality of printing, materials used and ink selection, data matrix codes can quickly become unreadable, through a combination of ageing, abrasion and other environmental effects.
Smithers Axicon 2D data matrix barcode scanner performing a test.
Our experts can test to ensure that your printing and production processes form a readable, high quality data matrix code. Our unique testing programmes encompass a period of accelerated ageing equivalent of up to 10 years, during which time multiple rub and lightfast tests can be performed throughout to assess the durability of your printed data matrix barcode to ensure it meets a required minimum shelf life.

Our testing generates a numerical score which grades the quality of your data matrix barcodes. This is done throughout the test programme, allowing us to generate a ‘readability score’ for your codes at various stages of its shelf life.

With expertise across print, security and packaging industry, we can develop bespoke tests to give you confidence in your materials and manufacturing systems. 

Standards and accreditation

The Axicon 12000 2D Barcode Verifier is certified to meet ISO 15415, ISO 15426-2 and ISO 16022 verification standards, and our testing is able to meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11 FDA regulations.

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