Soil Adsorption Test

Smithers provides adsorption / desorption testing in soils, sediment and activated sludge.  We source soils from multiple geographies, including the US, Europe, South America and Asia. Endpoints include %sorption, Kd, Kdes and Koc.  Endpoints such as Kom and  Freudlich Isotherm Constants, KF can be determined depending on specific client designs.

(Aged) Soil Column Leaching Studies 

Soil column leaching testing measures the distance a test substance travels down a water-saturated soil column.  The test is generally conducted with a reference substance that has a known migration potential and adsorption coefficient so relative mobility factor can be calculated and reported. Testing is performed according to OECD and EPA Test Guidelines using appropriate soils. Specific to EU submissions, attention is given to refining the adsorption coefficients of test substances with very low Koc values.  Aged column leaching tests are designed with a pre-incubation period of up to 30 days in soil prior to applying the treated soil to the soil column  to obtain the leaching potential of the test substance and its metabolites.

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