Packaging Assessments

Expert support to identify and solve primary packaging failures and performance issues. We offer rapid-response troubleshooting for pack and material performance assessments. We are also experts in developing custom test methods and equipment used to solve difficult packaging challenges.

Our expertise, combined with comprehensive laboratory facilities, enable us to adopt an innovative approach to challenging projects. We provide impartial advice and testing to help companies who need an independent assessment of their material, pack or product.

When standard test methods are either not available or suitable for measuring the required properties or performance of a material, pack or product, Smithers Pira can develop a custom test method and equipment.

Our capabilities include:

  • Objective evaluation of materials, packaging and product performance
  • Simulation of consumer handling and in-process situations
  • Assessment and comparison of design/feature improvements
  • Risk/safety concern assessments
  • Tamper evidence assessments
  • Testing of unusual materials unsuitable for standard tests
  • Development of sample preparation techniques to allow use of standard methods
  • Instrument design and fabrication

Previous test method development projects have resulted in the creation of "Smithers Pira standard" tests, such as:

  • Tamper evidence assessment
  • Instrumented impact testing
  • Pack stability assessment (resistance to toppling)
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