Ink Pick

Ink pick on paper is the damage of the paper surface caused during printing: the damage may be coating or fibre lift. When the printing form is lifted off the paper, the ink exerts a force on the paper.

This force increases with the viscosity and tack of the ink and the printing speed. If this force exceeds a certain value, the surface of the paper is damaged. The IGT pick test can also be used to assess the delamination resistance of a board liner.

The pick velocity is defined as the velocity at which picking starts: the pick resistance is characterized by the product of pick velocity in m/s and viscosity in Pa.s of the pick test oil used.

Standards and Accreditation

Testing is made in accordance with British Standard BS 6225:2, Tappi 514 and International Standard ISO 3783.

IGT pick testing is included in Smithers Pira's Paper Proficiency Service.