Measurement and Inspection

Integral components of a product can be small, and imperfections can sometimes go unnoticed. Smithers Pira offer detailed testing services on a variety of components related to packaging.

Smithers Pira uses a Vision Engineering Falcon 3-axis video measuring CNC (computer numerical control) system for the measurement and inspection of smaller packaging components.

Critical components, such as medical devices, can be measured to sub 10-microns accuracy in both x and y axes, with one-micron encoder resolution.



Medical Devices

Typically, medical device components need to be inspected for surface imperfections such as feather edges, burrs, hooks and dust debris.

The example to the right shows the measurement of the hook defect on a hypodermic needle point.



Packaging components

Certain pack dimensions can be critical to their functionality.  For example, the neck finish of a container is essential to maintaining its integrity.

The figure illustrates the measurement of thread dimensions and vertical height of the neck finish on a bottle screw.

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