Primary Pack Testing

We offer support and expertise to help you achieve safe and highly-effective packaging. Working from a ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, our packaging experts offer comprehensive performance analysis services for primary packaging. Support includes material and process comparison studies, specification compliance assessments, pack integrity testing and technical investigations.

At Smithers Pira we have extensive experience in the testing of primary packaging.

Our knowledge and understanding of material properties and conversion processes, combined with our comprehensive laboratory facilities, allow us to handle a very wide range of customer requests.

To analyze the performance of primary packaging we regularly conduct material and process comparison studies, specification compliance assessments and evaluation of pack issues.

Testing to International Standards 

We offer a range of standard ISO 17025 accredited tests on primary packaging. These include the testing of medical device packaging against the requirements of ISO 11607 before and after transit simulation and accelerated aging. Other tests frequently requested are Oxygen and Water Vapour Permeability (Barrier Properties) and Pack Integrity.

Technical Investigations and Solutions

The Technical Investigations team provide a custom Technical Consultancy and Testing service to customers who need to understand the root cause of a problem. A combination of standard, non-standard and novel testing techniques is employed to replicate issues and identify differences in critical performance-related properties between satisfactory and problem packaging.

Pack Design and Machine Interactions

We understand that the efficiency of today's high speed packaging lines is dependent on optimized pack design and material properties. Our  team are able to develop testing methods and test apparatus which allows an objective off-line evaluation of pack design and material modifications.

We can also test the oxygen and water vapour permeability of packaging.

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