Small Bore Connectors

Smithers Pira can perform independent testing of the small bore connectors for liquids and gases against ISO 80369 parts 1-7 and 20.

We help clients by performing testing to demonstrate conformance with the standards and compatibility with the appropriate accessories and fittings. We can also perform testing to demonstrate non-interconnectable characteristics of connectors intended for different applications.

Connector types tested include:

  • Breathing systems and driving gases
  • Enteral applications
  • Urethral and urinary applications
  • Limb cuff inflation
  • Neuraxial applications
  • Intravascular and hypodermic applications

General requirements for small bore connectors

  • Fluid leakage test method by pressure decay
  • Falling drop positive pressure liquid leakage
  • Stress cracking
  • Resistance to separation from axial load
  • Resistance to separation from unscrewing
  • Resistance to overriding
  • Disconnection by unscrewing

Testing can be performed as part of product development testing or to show conformance with appropriate standard requirements and/or demonstrate that the functional performance of the product satisfies specific design requirements.

Expert support with small bore connectors
  • Smithers Pira has extensive experience supporting clients with characterisation and verification tests
  • We also develop and validate bespoke tests, which are subsequently used to provide evidence for regulatory submissions. 
  • Our experts provide guidance and support throughout the process ensuring clients have confidence in their product and its eventual use.

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