Shipment Studies

Smithers Pira provides distribution simulation for packages containing medical devices, pharmaceutical products and sub-assemblies/components.

We understand the importance of getting your product to its end-user in a fit-for-purpose condition. Our transit and package testing services can help clients: 

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Validate packaging performance
  • Reduce damage
  • Reduce packaging costs
  • Reduce lead time to launch
  • Assess durability of tamper-evident features
  • Assess abrasion resistance of packaging and labels

Our facilities provide the capability to simulate and assess: 

  • Vibration in truck, plane, van, car or train
  • The drops and impacts typical of palletised and indivudal packages in distribution
  • Thermal and climatic hazards
  • Low pressure performance
  • Compression assessment
  • Load stability in vehicle and during handling
  • Shock and fragility performance
  • In-use / patient handling
  • The effects of aging 

We are able to provide support for medical and pharmaceutical products which require testing to the requirements contained in the Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulation.

Integrity Assessments

We also provide integrity assessments, to ensure the integrity of packaging / product is not compromised as a result of distribution and aging. 

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Standards and Accreditation

All Smithers Pira's package testing laboratories are ISTA certified and ISO 17025 accredited for a range of specific tests related to medical packaging. Many of the team members in both the US and UK are ISTA certified members and are globally recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

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