Transmission Haze

Hazy packaging films can adversely affect the perceived quality of packaged products, making them look cloudy and dull. Our expert team can measure the haze of a packaging film to ASTM D1003.

Wide angle scattering, at an angle greater than 2.5° from normal (ASTM D1003) causes haze due to a loss of transmissive contrast.

Haze can be the result of environmental damage from weathering or surface abrasion. The difference in haze percentage between an exposed/abraded and unexposed/unabraded specimens quantifies this damage.

Smithers Pira is able to measure haze by the spectrophotometer method, ASTM D1003, Procedure B.

A Perkin Elmer Lambda 650 UV/Vis spectrophotometer having a hemispherical optical measuring system, with a 150mm integrating sphere is used.