Book Adhesion

Smithers Pira perform adhesive bond strength testing using the Smithers Pira Booktester. The equipment provides a robust, economical and reproducible method of measuring the page pull strength of adhesive bound books.

The binding endurance test determines the force required to pull a page from the spine of a book. The adhesive joint strength is calculated in N/cm by dividing the peak force required to remove the page by the page height.

The test is applicable to books bound with adhesives such as hotmelts and emulsions including, PUR (polyurethane), EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and PVA (polyvinyl acetate).

We also offer a range of services which compliment our book adhesive testing:

  • Binding and durability assessments
  • Comparative testing
  • Material evaluation
  • Stability problems (e.g. cover wrap and waviness)
  • Advice on material selection and specification
  • Smithers Pira Portable Booktester Equipment