The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Tires to 2029

Transportation, alongside many other aspects of modern life is expected to experience many changes in the coming decade. This report examines what effect the introduction of autonomous vehicles will have on the global tire industry over the next 10 years (until 2029). 

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Our exclusive content:

  • Ten-year global forecasts segmented by new mobility trends, vehicle ownership, safety and customer acceptance
  • Quantitative data presented in easy-to-reference tables and figures
  • Key trends on increased shared mobility which leads to reduced congestion and environmental benefits.

What methodology is used?

The data and information for this report were gathered using a combination of secondary and primary research. Secondary research consisted of a review of published material, conference proceedings, and information from organisations and companies involved in the production, supply and use of tires and their ingredients.

Primary research consisted of interviews with specialists along the tire supply chain. These data were analysed to provide estimates and forecasts for the electric vehicle tire markets.
The currency used throughout this report is US$.

All values are given as of 2019, removing uncertainties due to inflation and fluctuating exchange rates. Volumes are given in tonnes (metric tons) or units, where 1 tonne is equivalent to 1,000 kg.

What will you discover?

  • A comprehensive quantitative forecast of the impact the autonomous vehicle industry will have upon the tire industry
  • In-depth qualitative analysis of evolving and disruptive technology trends entering the autonomous vehicle industry, their technical barriers and commercial opportunities

Who should buy the report?

  • Producers of materials
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Product integrators/users in the tire markets value chain
The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Tires to 2029

Name The Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Tires to 2029

Date 11/21/2019

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