Emerging Fibre Sources for Tissue Paper to 2024

Emerging Fibre Sources for Tissue Paper: technology forecasts to 2024 is an extensive analysis of the top 25 disruptive technologies that could impact the tissue paper industry over the next 10 years

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The information in this report is based on an extensive cycle of primary and secondary research. This included interviews and surveys with experts in the field to identify issues, trends and to rank technologies. The web, social media and technical forums were consulted to find the current subject-related topics that were generating discussion. An extensive survey and summary of the literature was developed using publications and proceedings from TAPPI and other organizations. This information was assembled into five major trends and 25 top technologies or supply strategies considered to have the greatest disruption potential. These 25 technologies/strategies were then ranked upon individual expert input and literature results.

What will you discover?

  • Identify and understand the effects of the major disruptive technologies on the tissue paper industry
  • Get the latest market data and analysis based on primary research to help you plan your business strategy
  • Understand the global trends affecting fiber sources and the tissue paper supply chain

Who should buy this report?

  • Papermakers and tissue converters
  • Pulp suppliers
  • Chemical suppliers
  • Paper machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Industry consultants and analysts

Name Emerging Fibre Sources for Tissue Paper to 2024

Date 10/31/2014

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