The Future of High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas to 2020

The polymer industry is trying to increase the lifetime of the assets associated with recovery, production and processing by providing corrosion resistant materials
Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas to 2020 forecasts a marginal decline in the demand for high performance polymers over the next couple of years, with a return to more healthy levels of growth from 2018 onwards.

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Our exclusive content:

  • A breakdown of all key suppliers for the high performance polymers, compounds and stock shapes active within the oil and gas sectors.
  • An examination of the processes associated with the extraction and processing of oil and natural gas.
  • 64 tables and figures highlighting key application, supplier and production trends.

What methodology is used?

The Future of High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas to 2020 is based on in-house primary research- supported by extensive industry data. Primary research involved interviews with key industry contacts across global locations, and was supplemented by information extracted from company websites, trade journals and conference proceedings. Secondary research was based on a literature review of the market and company reports in addition to magazine and journal abstracts. Most of the background data on the oil and gas industry was based on data published by BP and the International Energy Agency.

What will you discover?

  • A profile of the major country markets, indicating scale and growth potential.
  • The global market demand or high performance polymers in oil and gas through 2020 broken down by type of polymer.
  • The main standards and specifications governing the use of materials and products for the high performance polymers market.

Who should buy this report?

  • Raw material suppliers
  • Extractors
  • Polymer product producers
  • Convertors and processors
  • End-users in both upstream and downstream oil and gas
  • Market consultants and analysts

Name The Future of High Performance Polymers for Oil and Gas to 2020

Date 12/4/2015

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