Regulatory Compliance

Food contact regulations stipulate the requirements your food contact material or product needs to comply with. Legislative requirements vary depending on market, and our experts can help you demonstrate food contact compliance in the relevant regions for your business.

We provide expert support and analytical testing to support companies looking to assess or prove food contact compliance across numerous regions.

Our team can:

  • Advise on the legislative requirements for your region
  • Analyse your food contact materials to show compliance
  • Audit your compliance system and provide recommendations
  • Provide training on legislation and food contact compliance
  • Investigate issues which are preventing you from complying with food contact regulations

We provide expert support for the majority of international food contact regulations:

  • EU regulations
  • EU member states’ national legislations
  • FDA regulations
  • Other global regulations


European food contact compliance

In the EU, all food contact materials have to comply with The Framework Regulation No 1935/2004, and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Regulation No 2026/2006.

EU food contact regulations >


USA food contact compliance

In the USA, Chapter 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) sections 170 to 199 contains a comprehensive body of food contact legislation for a wide range of food contact materials from plastics through papers to adhesives.

FDA regulations >


Global food contact compliance

Outside of the EU and USA, there is a variety of legislation:

  • Reasonably comprehensive legislations in Canada, Latin America, Japan, South Korea, China and Israel
  • Regulations covering some food contact aspects in India and some countries in South East Asia
  • Little or no specific legislation – but recognition that EU or FDA compliance is sufficient – in some other countries such as Australia or New Zealand 


The Smithers difference:

  • Experts who keep up-to-date with regulatory changes, and who are regular speakers at world-leading conferences and training course leads
  • Our experts have been helping clients demonstrate food contact regulatory compliance since 1985