Migration of Printing Inks into Food

Smithers Pira can undertake migration tests on printing inks to help you show compliance. We can also advise on their toxicological impact should any chemicals be found.

Since the food scare that developed from the discovery of contamination from the photo-initiator ITX (2-isopropylthioxanthone) in infant formula, there has been a focus on migration of chemicals from printing inks, particularly photo-initiators and their decomposition products.

Migration of printing inks into food
How we can help:
Smithers Pira has developed significant expertise in compliance testing against both the GMP Regulation (EC) No 2023/2006 and the Framework Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

Migration testing requires specialist analytical experience and knowledge of the Food Contact legislation. This is essential to ensure the selection of appropriate exposure techniques and test conditions and food simulants. Inappropriate techniques can result in overly severe tests producing an apparent test failure or underestimation of migration. This might put consumer health at risk and may also have further implications within the supply chain. Our experts will advise you on the most appropriate exposure techniques, test conditions and food simulants for your particular need.

Expertise in the identification and quantification of ink components in food and food simulants

Smithers Pira has built up an inventory of ink component calibration standards, analytical methods and an in-house library of mass spectra to enable identification and quantification of ink components in food and food simulants. We are continually developing our analytical expertise in this area in response to the demand for technological innovations such as in digital printing, UV cured inks, Nanography and high temperature inks. 

If any such chemicals are found we can give you advice on their toxicological impact enabling you to make rational decisions about product recalls.

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