Flavors and Fragrances 2019

University Club in Chicago, IL


Event Overview
Flavors And Fragrances: Working Together For The Conscious Consumer

Smithers is proud to announce the Flavors and Fragrances 2019 conference, taking place this September 10-12 in Chicago, IL. This inaugural event will give insights on the naturals industry, flavoring substances, extracts, essential oils, flavor modifiers, innovative materials from biotech and other ingredients useful in formulating new flavorings.

Bringing together experts from both industries, Flavors and Fragrances 2019   will focus on:

  • The hottest trends in flavors and fragrances and learn about the R&D going into consumer and household products from beverage, to packaged foods, to cosmetic and skincare trends
  • Gain valuable insight regarding global opportunities with a focus on end markets with a focus on regulations
  • Learn about the emerging importance of health and wellness innovations, and innovations in green chemistry in nutraceuticals to synthetic ingredient
Who Attends
Flavors and Fragrances 2019 unites companies from across the supply chain including Walmart, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, SC Johnson, The Clorox Company, Firmenich, and many more!

Flavors and Fragrances 2019 is being held September 11-12, 2019 at the University Club in Chicago, Illinois

Flavors and Fragrances 2019

Flavors and Fragrances 2019

Length 3 days
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