Product Durability and Environmental Testing

Smithers Pira's modern laboratories are well equipped to meet our client's environmental testing needs, performing vibration, shock, thermal/climatic and drop impact testing to a broad range of industry standards, including ASTM, DEF STAN, Mil-Std, Telcordia & JEDEC.

Durability testing (also known as reliability testing and environmental testing) allows the assessment of a product's response to the physical and climatic hazards that may occur throughout the operational life of the product. This testing provides recognition of compliance, analysis and resolution of damage issues, and assurance of reliability and durability.

Many engineering sectors use durability testing (environmental testing) as a regular part of product design and validation, including the electronics industry, medical and healthcare sectors, and defense, automotive and aerospace industries.

Smithers Pira offers a high level of customer focus, flexibility and adaptability which can be of great value during product development test programs.

Durability / Environmental Testing Capabilities

Smithers Pira laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited ensuring quality work. We offer a range of facilities across our laboratories, which are detailed below:

Vibration Testing

Our extensive knowledge on appropriately managing vibration test conditions allows us to reproduce damage where it is likely to occur in real life, but without introducing unrealistic damage mechanisms. We offer servo-hydraulic and electromagnetic shaker systems spanning 0.5 to 2000 Hz. 10G sine and up to 5 Grms random depending on test item mass. Sine, broadband random, mixed mode, modulated, SRS and time replication test control capability. Response monitoring up to 24 channels.

Shock Testing

Smithers Pira's laboratories are equipped with shock machines that enable product damage boundary analysis, and vibration testing equipment to determine product resonant frequency analysis and response. Our equipment is specified to deliver synthesized shock up to 20G. Free fall shock machine up to 500G (depending on pulse energy) with half sine and trapezoid programers for pulse lengths from 2 - 20ms.

Climatic Testing

Our experts understand how certain climatic conditions affect varying packaging formats. Our laboratories are equipped with numerous floor standing, bench-top and walk-in chambers, with thermal range -50°C to 150 °C; selected chambers have controlled elevated humidity.

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