Damage cost prediction tool takes on new dimension in online application

Smithers Pira launches new and improved PACKSmart Cost Estimator to make it more accessible to users and demonstrate the value in a distribution package testing program.

Cost report from PACKSmart Cost Estimator

Consumer products and commercial goods manufacturers and retailers come to the team at Smithers Pira for their technical knowledge and industry expertise in evaluating a wide range of packaging for various applications.  While the team analyzes many aspects of packaging durability and performance attributes for their clients, one of the focus areas for Smithers Pira is root cause analysis and prevention of shipment damage.

Michael Kuebler, technical director for Smithers Pira explains, “We developed the PACKSmart Cost Estimator as a way to demonstrate the value of distribution testing. Users can evaluate the ROI of lab testing using their own numbers and run various scenarios to gain a full understanding of the impact of testing - and not testing - on their costs”.

While real world shipping tests are common for many companies, the results can often be misleading and, in many cases, they can encounter a costly damage issue. Laboratory testing can be an effective method to predict damage and reduce costs associated with damage. The PACKSmart Cost Estimator allows cost assessors to examine the financial impact on damage and costs associated with real-world versus controlled laboratory testing.

In its new format, the PACKSmart Cost Estimator allows users’ full access to the application directly on the Smithers Pira webite in an easy-to-use web-based tool. In addition, the estimator now allows users to download their calculations in a comprehensive cost report.

The PACKSmart Cost Estimator can be accessed by visiting pack smart calculator page.