ISTA appoints Smithers Pira’s Michael Kuebler to new Testing Council Chair

Michael Kuebler was recently appointed as ISTA Testing Council Chair, working with council members to develop best practices to reduce the risk of supply chain damage.

At this year’s TransPack Forum in Orlando, the International Safety Transit Association (ISTA) announced the appointment of Michael Kuebler, technical director for Smithers Pira, as ISTA Testing Council Chair. The ISTA Testing Council brings together leaders in the packaging and logistics industries to work in partnership to establishing guidelines and best practices for shipping and transporting commercial, industrial and consumer goods. The work of the council benefits product manufacturers and retailers.

As technical director for the Smithers Pira Distribution Test Center in Lansing, Michigan, Michael Kuebler has helped branding and packaging professionals to optimize their packaging system and reduce the risk of supply chain damage through transit simulation distribution testing.

“Michael’s ability to collaborate will help bring value to the organization when working with industry members”. Eric Hiser, Vice President – Technical for ISTA.

Kuebler has over 17 years of experience in the transportation and packaging industries, including six years with Smithers Pira. He graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Packaging Engineering and has held engineering positions with well-known companies in the packaging and consumer goods industries.

About Smithers Pira and ISTA

Smithers Pira has been a member of ISTA for the past 3 decades. Most recently, Pira joined ISTA’s Advocate Research and Value Delivery Program designed to accelerate the development of resources and test methods by conducting research and collecting data that will improve the testing and design methods related to shipping packaged goods.

Kuebler is the second ISTA committee chair from the Smithers Pira team. Currently, Sam Sheppard Fidler, Vice President of Smithers Pira – Europe is Chair of the Global Board for ISTA.

All Smithers Pira distribution testing laboratories are ISTA certified.

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