Webinar advises businesses on mitigating product and package damage in e-commerce supply chain

As online retail sales continue to grow, many businesses are worried about the growing need for suitable packaging that can adapt to the quickly changing supply chain. Smithers Pira experts go in-depth on current e-commerce challenges and opportunities, Amazon’s new packaging certifications, and different options for testing.

E-commerce is booming. In 2013, online commercial sales only claimed 3.3 percent of total commerce. By 2020, that number is predicted to quadruple, reaching 14.6 percent. As internet purchasing becomes more and more common, companies are scrambling to get a handle on product packaging that can handle the rigors of the supply chain, satisfy regulations, and keep their customers happy—and the challenges are many. E-commerce Webinar

Smithers Pira recently released a webinar on mitigating product and package damage in transit, specifically for consumer goods, such as personal care items, household electronics, décor, and more. The 45-minute webinar was led by packaging experts James White, Ian Pearce, and Michael Kuebler.

The webinar opens with an overview of the status of e-commerce, including projected market value, the power of consumer perception and sentiment, and the results of three surveys reporting recent shortcomings and obstacles in the industry. The experts then dive into:

  • The most common challenges facing e-commerce distributors and the opportunities associated with each.
  • Seven real-world examples of successful and failed packaging concepts, including photographs and notes on the pros and cons of each strategy.
  • Important factors to consider when choosing appropriate packaging, accompanied by illustrations of different supply chains.
  • A comprehensive breakdown of Amazon’s three-tiered packaging certification pyramid and specific examples of each level, including photographs and notes on benefits and challenges.
  • Four different strategies some retailers are attempting to choose good packaging and the challenges and limitations associated with each.
  • The benefits of laboratory-based versus on-the-road supply chain testing and how lab testing can save you time, money, and customer frustration.
  • An overview of different lab testing methods and protocols currently being used in Smithers Pira’s labs.


If you’d like to learn more, Smithers Pira’s experts also posted a detailed question-and-answer session about packaging in the e-commerce environment this spring. Read the Q&A.