Returning webinar series begins with Considerations for Intermodal and Rail Transit

Smithers Pira hosts their first webinar for 2016 focusing on identifying key considerations for transitioning to a modified logistics strategy to include intermodal and rail transit.

intermodal shipping logisticsOver the past several years, changing external factors have led many manufacturers and retailers to shift to an intermodal or rail transit shipping strategy. In turn, the focus on product quality throughout the supply chain, reducing costs and minimizing liability risk become important considerations for these companies.

In the first of a returning series of webinars, Smithers Pira expert, Michael Kuebler, examined the trends leading to the growth of intermodal and rail transit and identified some key considerations for product manufactuers and retailers that have contributed to the changing landscape of supply chain logistics. Kuebler also discussed how sustainability efforts are affected by intermodal and rail shipping and how changes can be best qualified through pre-shipment testing to optimize freight.

"Intermodal and rail transportation have become popular shipping methods for a variety of industries", explains James Popio, Vice President - North America for Smithers Pira. “The goal of this webinar is to help manufacturers and retailers understand specific considerations for packaging with a logistics strategy that includes intermodal and rail.”

Following the live presentation, attendees were given the opportunity to pose questions to Kuebler to further discuss other considerations and potential best practices for developing a testing program for intermodal and rail shipments.

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