Advancements in Vibration Testing Research

Smithers Pira is proud to be a proactive and independent member of the research and development community for advancements in vibration testing technologies.

Industry Involvement
  • Actively participates in the International Association of Packaging Research Institute (IAPRI) vibration research working group and is founding member of IAPRI
  • Actively participates in ISTA Field Data Workshops and Distribution Packaging events
Expertise Contributions
  • Undertakes and publishes work on topics in the field of random vibration testing and test acceleration
  • Group staff includes David Shires, Editor-in-Chief of PTS (Packaging Technology and Science)
Supporting Education
Where It All Began. The History of Vibration Testing at Smithers Pira

Smithers Pira started leveraging sine sweep, resonance frequency searches and dwell testing methods over 30 years ago.  During the 1990s Smithers Pira advanced in to broadband random Power Spectral Density (PSD) vibration testing in order to better simulate the real life environment.  Since the 1990s Smithers Pira has continued to invest in state of the art vibration controllers, with programmable spectrum capability and programmable shock testing capability in both vertical and horizontal axes.  The latest controller in Smithers Pira's UK laboratory purchased in 2009 is enabled with time replication and mixed mode capability, and a facility to modulate overall Grms throughout the test sequence (in order to reproduce the non-continuous nature of true real life vibration).