Vibration Testing

Smithers Pira has decades of experience in utilizing vibration testing techniques to simulate the various shipping methods used to transport packaged products on an international scale.

Smithers Pira understands the critical factors in successfully simulating real-life conditions to avoid overlooking field damage or provoking “false negatives” during testing. Our extensive knowledge on appropriately managing vibration test conditions allows us to reproduce damage  where it is likely to occur in real life, but without introducing unrealistic damage mechanisms.

Test Equipment Capabilities

Our vibration testing equipment includes Servo-hydraulic and Electromagnetic shaker systems (both vertical and horizontal systems) spanning 0.5 to 2000 Hz capable of delivering up to 10G sine and up to 5 Grms random. Our test methods include:

  • Broadband random
  • Mixed mode
  • Modulated
  • SRS
  • Time replication
  • Vibration response monitoring with data capture systems (up to 24 channels)
Advanced Vibration Testing Techniques

While current packaged product distribution testing is based on well-established methods, Smithers Pira believes that high level participation in advanced and developing methodologies  is integral to delivering value to clients. It is through understanding of the benefits and limitations of established methods and the ability to offer custom evaluation techniques that Smithers Pira is able to deliver effective testing solutions.

Examples include understanding the ‘reality’ of broadband vibration testing through: 

  • Time replication vibration testing (true reproduction of recorded journeys)
  • Multi-axis testing, in partnership with Bath University (United Kingdom)
  • Mixed mode testing
  • Advanced monitoring and analysis
  • Field data studies  and focused simulations

Learn more about Smithers Pira’s research involvement and advancements in vibration testing.

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