Shock and Fragility Testing

Smithers Pira uses vibration and shock testing techniques to identify the vulnerabilities of engineered products and components. Our analysis helps companies to design effective packaging and prevent product failure that may occur due to the physical hazards they encounter in the supply chain.

Smithers Pira's laboratories are equipped with shock machines that enable product damage boundary analysis, and vibration testing equipment to determine product resonant frequency analysis and response.

Our experts have knowledge of the range of test set-up and parameters that includes understanding:

  • The implications of square, sine and trapezoidal shock impulses
  • Shock pulse duration
  • Intensity factors
Smithers Pira Shock Testing Capabilities

Our equipment is specified to deliver:

  • Free fall shocks up to 500G (depending on pulse energy)
  • Half sine and trapezoid programmers for pulse lengths from 2 – 20 ms
  • Synthesized shock up to 20G

Examples of products that commonly require shock testing:

  • Laser components
  • Integrated circuit board assemblies
  • LED and LCD displays
  • Photovoltaics
  • Ophthalmic instrumentation
  • Missile assemblies
  • Laboratory equipment
Product Fragility Testing

We can combine fragility testing with cushion packaging design to incorporate product fragility testing data into the design process; this normally involves development of expanded foam or other cushion packaging solutions for vulnerable products.

Smithers Pira is also recognized as an expert provider of services in vibration and shock field data measurement. Learn more.

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