Ecommerce Package Testing

Online retailers face a unique set of challenges in getting their products to the consumer in one piece. Smithers Pira can help you identify packaging weaknesses, and reduce product damage.

Our experts understand the varying challenges of the ecommerce supply chain, whether you sell your products on your own website or via a third party platform or vendor.

Ecommerce Delivery Simulated Testing

In some cases, your supply chain will vary depending on the delivery route chosen by the customer, and your packaging must be able to withstand the multiple demands of these. Our experts will help you ensure that your packaging is fit-for-purpose, and we can simulate the conditions of multiple shipping environments, including:

  • Parcel and courier delivery
  • Pallet shipments
  • LTL shipments
  • Roll cage and mixed pallets
Delivery challenges for ecommerce products

Unlike traditional retailers, online retailers often use third party delivery companies and therefore face a lack of control over the conditions encountered by their package. Additionally, the supply chain is often dictated by customer requests, and ecommerce retailers need to take these into account when making packaging decisions.

Having effective packaging is critical for online retailers; a recent Smithers Pira survey found that 11% of online shoppers received a damaged product in the past twelve months. Damaged packaging and broken products can have a long-term impact on a company's reputation.

ISTA testing for ecommerce packages

Currently, there are no specific standards for ecommerce packages. However, Smithers Pira apply the testing process specified in ISTA 3A to packages intended for ecommerce transit. This test methods involves shock testing, vibration testing and drop testing at the relevant atmospheric conditions. 


All Smithers Pira’s distribution testing laboratories are ISTA certified and ISO 17025 accredited. Many of the team members in both the US and UK are ISTA certified members and are globally recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

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