Ecommerce Package Testing

Shipping through the e-commerce supply chain can be complicated, and as the e-commerce market grows, online retailers are under more pressure to get it right. Our testing experts can simulate the rigors of the supply chain and make sure your packaging can handle every step of the process.

Packaging damage can negatively impact your customer’s perception of both your brand and the condition of the product itself: 39% of buyers say that damaged packaging would deter them from ordering from that company again, and over 50% say the same of a damaged product. Download our e-commerce webinar to learn more about the state of the market.

Our Testing Methods and Capabilities

Your supply chain will vary depending on the delivery route chosen by the customer, and your packaging must be able to withstand every challenge it may encounter along the way. In addition to helping you ensure your packaging is fit-for-purpose, our experts can simulate the conditions of many shipping environments, including:

  • Parcel and courier delivery
  • Pallet shipments
  • LTL (less than truckload) shipments
  • Roll cage and mixed pallets

Since specific standards for e-commerce packages have not completely been finalized, our experts apply ISTA 6-Amazon and ISTA 3A testing to packages intended for e-commerce transit. Test methods include:

Get a sneak peek at how these tests work:

Why invest in supply chain testing?Packaging and e-commerce testing capabilities at Smithers Pira

Online retailers often use third-party companies to deliver products to customers and therefore cannot control or predict the conditions their packaging may encounter. As the e-commerce supply chain becomes more complex, it’s crucial to ensure that a package can hold up against an increasing variety of tough conditions and arrive at the customer’s door intact.

While it can be tempting to rely on experience, good design, and on-the-fly adjustments to design a suitable packaging plan, expert-conducted laboratory testing will ultimately yield the best results. Some of the benefits of laboratory testing include:

  • Clear, interpretable data. By running repeat tests on multiple factors, our experts can eliminate the guesswork, trace the exact source of product damage, and advise you on redesign options that will keep your product safe.
  • Time savings. Laboratory tests produce faster results than hundreds of real-life trips through the supply chain. And by leaving the testing up to the experts, you’re free to focus your valuable time on other parts of your business.
  • Cost savings. An investment in testing means you’ll avoid wasting money on excessive packaging or repeatedly paying to replace damaged items.
  • Customer delight. Everyone loves getting an anticipated package in the mail. The arrival of an intact box from a beloved brand increases loyalty and trust, leading to repeat customers.
  • Amazon certification. You can check all the boxes on Amazon’s three-tiered packaging certification pyramid and cut costs, save time, take advantage of new marketing channels, and make your customers happy.

Accreditation and Certification

All of Smithers Pira’s distribution testing laboratories are ISTA certified and ISO 17025 accredited. Many of our team members in both the US and the UK are ISTA certified members who are globally recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

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