Package Testing

Package testing (also commonly known as distribution testing, pre-shipment testing and transit testing) is the simulation of real life supply chain physical and climatic events/hazards, under controlled conditions in the package testing laboratory environment.

Our knowledge of the supply chain and distribution testing extends from point of manufacture, through the shipment process, to point of sale, and beyond to customer/consumer use. Our testing capabilities cover a broad range of disciplines, including:

climatic contioning testing      compression testing      drop and impact testing      shock testing      vibration testing      reduced pressure / vacuum testing

For more than 50 years Smithers Pira has been leveraging its package testing laboratories and the knowledge of its lab teams to deliver value to clients in the areas of:

  • Product validation to ensure that the product itself is sufficiently robust to withstand the rigors of the supply chain
  • Packaging validation to ensure adequate protection of the product to reach its final destination in the right condition. This can be accomplished through a variety of common ISTA (such as ISTA 3A) and ASTM testing standards or by designing a custom testing program to refine your packaging design and performance.
  • Trouble shooting a real life shipment issue to reduce damage and losses occurring in the field
  • Regulatory compliance suport for medical / healthcare products where evidence is required as part of a regulatory submission (FDA, MRHA) demonstrating that the packaged goods will reach the point of use in sterile or satisfactory condition

Real World Simulation Testing

We can recreate a range of shipping environments, including:

  • Healthcare lanes and the cold chain shipping environment
  • Parcel and courier deliver
  • LTL shipments
  • Unit load and full pallet shipments
  • Retailer distribution and mixed load shipment
  • Roll cage and mixed pallets

Industry Sectors and Product Package Testing Expertise

Smithers Pira operates state-of-art package testing laboratories in Lansing, Michigan and London, UK. Our expertise and equipment covers the range of global shipment environments and supply chain conditions and our projects relate to products manufactured in developed regions as well as emerging and new markets. Industries served include:

Fast moving consumer products (FMCG) and consumer packaged goods (CPG)


All Smithers Pira's package testing laboratories are ISTA certified and ISO 17025 accredited. Many of the team members in both the US and UK are ISTA certified members and are globally recognized for their knowledge and expertise.

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