Laboratory Locations

Smithers Pira operates state-of-art distribution and package testing laboratories in Europe and North America, with facilities in Lansing, Michigan and London, UK.

Distribution testing (also called package testing, pre-shipment testing and transit testing) is the simulation of real life supply chain physical and climatic events/hazards, under controlled conditions in the package testing laboratory environment.

All Smithers Pira's package testing laboratories are ISTA certified and hold accreditation to ISO 17025. Many of the team members in both the US and UK are ISTA certified members of the packaging testing community, and are recognized globally for their knowledge and expertise.

Our expertise and equipment covers the range of global shipment environments and our projects relate to products manufactured in developed regions as well as emerging and new markets. Our experience covers local, national and extended global supply chain conditions, as well as a broad range of market sectors.

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