Distribution and Package Testing

For more than 50 years, Smithers Pira has provided package testing solutions to help reduce shipment damage, troubleshoot packaging and supply chain issues, identify cost reduction opportunities, meet sustainability requirements and more. Our experts offer extensive lab-based package testing and transit simulation testing, field-based investigative capabilities and consultative support.

Our expertise is drawn from throughout the supply chain, having understanding of the drivers and challenges of raw materials providers, converters, packer / fillers, brand owners, logistics providers, retailers and waste management organizations.

We offer a wide range of package testing services at both our US and UK laboratories, providing clients with a laboratory evaluation of packaged goods performance through the simulation of shipment, storage, handling and climatic conditions.

Why is distribution testing important for my product or package?

We support clients addressing the key issues of today:

Package Testing Capabilities

Our comprehensive testing facilities enable us to offer a wide range of standard tests which we can combine to create custom testing programs to replicate the product lifecycle.

We also provide vibration and shock field data measurement and analysis, allowing you to gain an in-depth and accurate understanding of the challenges packaging faces along the supply chain.

Resources for Package Testing for Distribution

These resources are also available to help guide you to the best options for assessing the integrity of your packaging so you can ensure that your goods arrive in quality condition when it reaches its final destination.

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