Case Studies

Below are some examples of wide range of projects we have worked on.

A major raw material company asked us to examine the industrial inkjet space with a view to identifying market opportunities and potential acquisition companies. We conducted the research, including extensive telephone and face-to-face interviews, and made recommendations in a custom study. The study contained quantitative market sizes and forecasts, and a target list of companies based on the agreed criteria. Our client is in the process of making an acquisition.


A leading private equity firm commissioned us to evaluate the commercial and technology potential of a European inkjet ink supplier. This involved site visits, primary research and a complete strategic assessment. Following the completion of our report, the sale was concluded of the inkjet ink supplier.


A global investment company needed technical due diligence and market advisory work on an investment in the security printing industry. They chose us as we were able to offer the right mix of technical and market knowledge in such a secretive and difficult-to-research industry. The investment company made the acquisition following the delivery of our study.


We provided a market advisory service to a major private equity firm with a controlling stake in a leading raw material, inks and coatings supplier. The service included a full, global evaluation of the market, with segmentation by process, end-use and geography, and five-year forecasts. The final report was used to help evaluate the supplier in preparation for its sale.


A global brand owner commissioned us to forecast consumer trends and attitudes towards a range packaging substrates and products. We conducted a full primary research program, and delivered quantitative data and a report with actionable recommendations. The final report used a blend of technology insight, market data on global packaging trends, and consumer perceptions. Our client used this data as justification for switching from metal cans to plastic bottles and pouches, and has seen sales grow as a result.


A leading packaging converter was developing its strategy for the personal care and cosmetics industry, and needed to understand the profitability of different packaging products by end-use (e.g. sun care, skin care, make up etc.). We undertook the research which included utilising our global network of personal care and packaging experts. A key deliverable was a matrix of 20+ packaging products in 10 end-use markets, with market size, profitability, growth rates etc. In addition, we provided actionable recommendations based on our analysis of the data in both report and PowerPoint format. Our client used this information to develop its R&D funnel for new product development.


A major Japanese film producer needed to understand the competitive landscape for transparent barrier films, with particular focus on opportunities for high-barrier and active packaging technologies. We carried out a custom study incorporating in-depth face-to-face interviews with suppliers and packaging converters, supplemented with telephone interviews across the value chain. The final report provided a comprehensive overview of the markets and identified a number of specific opportunities. Our client is now in discussions with potential partners in Europe and North America.


One of the biggest suppliers of paper-based packaging commissioned us to undertake a study on the European market for food service packaging market. The study required extensive detail on the cup stock market, which was achieved through primary research with suppliers, converters and end-users. The final report contained actionable recommendations for growth in this sector.


Further case studies can be provided on request. Contact us now.