The Benefits of IATF 16949 Certification for the Automotive Industry

The Benefits of IATF 16949 Certification for the Automotive Industry

Every customer seems to demand consistently higher-quality components delivered quicker with less waste. But how can an auto supplier keep up with these ever-changing obligations? IATF 16949 certification lays out a definitive framework to meet customer requirements by developing a quality management system (QMS) that focuses on systematic processes, increased customer satisfaction and continual improvement.
IATF certification delivers numerous advantages for automotive suppliers willing to make the necessary investment. The benefits of IATF 16949 certification for the automotive industry focus on seven main areas:

  1. Credibility
  2. Global reach
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Process integration
  5. Evidence-based decision making
  6. Continual improvement culture
  7. Employee engagement

What Is IATF 16949?

IATF 16949:2016 is the global quality standard for the automotive industry. Developed by the International Automotive Task Force, it incorporates an unprecedented amount of feedback from auditors, certification bodies, automotive manufacturers and suppliers. IATF 16949 is based on ISO 9001, but it goes beyond this basic standard in significant ways and includes customer-specific requirements for each automaker.

7 Benefits of IATF 16949 Certification

Because of its close relationship with ISO 9001, certification to IATF 16949 generates all of the same benefits, like increases in cost savings, efficiencies and waste reductions. But being IATF certified delivers specific advantages of its own. The benefits of IATF 16949 certification include improvements in:

1. Credibility

Achieving IATF 16949 certification demonstrates that your company is committed to operating a quality management system that adheres to well-known and widely accepted standards. Procurement buyers for automotive manufacturers recognize IATF certification as a signal that your company is dedicated to meeting customer requirements for high-quality products with no defects.

2. Global Reach

Because IATF 16949 is a global standard, certification to this automotive quality standard opens your customer base to companies worldwide.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction is one of the core tenets of achieving this automotive manufacturing certification. Happy and satisfied customers are often repeat customers, significantly boosting your bottom line.

4. Process Integration

With its dedicated process approach, IATF certification provides great benefits as you integrate systematic processes and find ways to cut duplication and increase efficiencies. More closely integrated processes can drive cost savings across your operation.

5. Evidence-Based Decision Making

With IATF 16949 certification, managers no longer have to rely on gut feelings to make decisions. Improved decision-making occurs naturally as managers have the necessary data to formulate policies and operational procedures.

6. Continual Improvement Culture

Continual improvement is one of the hallmarks of IATF 16949. Cost and efficiency savings are the logical outcomes of emphasizing continuous improvement in processes and organizational output. A culture of continual improvement will provide continuing benefits for years to come.

7. Employee Engagement

Engaged employees make a real difference in an operation's performance. They understand their roles and know where to get the necessary information to complete their duties. They're best positioned to know which areas need improvements and to test and implement the required changes.

Take the Next Step in Your IATF 16949 Certification Journey With Smithers

Now that you understand the benefits of IATF 16949 certification for the automotive industry, you're ready to learn more. As one of the few United States-based accredited certification bodies approved by the IATF to certify companies to IATF 16949, Smithers is ready to assist you along your journey. We offer valuable certification resources, and our automotive auditors are fully trained and qualified per all IATF requirements. Contact us today to see how Smithers can help with your IATF 16949 certification.

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