Webinar: Testing Strategies to Assess Persistence of Chemicals in the Environment

Webinar: Testing Strategies to Assess Persistence of Chemicals in the Environment

Accurate determination of a chemical’s persistence in the environment is a key part of its risk assessment and may be critical to ensuring marketability. Standardized testing following OECD guidelines has been in place for approximately 30 years and typically proceeds by a tiered approach, from ready and inherent biodegradation testing through to more complex simulation testing using radiolabeled compound.

In this webinar, Environmental Fate experts Sean McLaughlin and Sara Penketh describe the different types of testing and how to select an appropriate testing strategy based on a chemical’s structure, physico-chemical properties and potential environmental behavior.  They describe the critical endpoints and factors which can impact study design, including scenarios where additional or bespoke testing may be required to achieve a successful testing outcome.

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Sara Penketh, Director of Environmental Fate and Metabolism, Harrogate, UK, has 30 years of experience in contract research, with previous roles as study director for environmental fate, animal and plant metabolism, as well as managing business operations.

Sean McLaughlin, Research Director, Environmental Fate and Metabolism, Wareham, Massachusetts, serves as a Group Lead and functions as a Study Director on select projects. Sean has 30 years of experience with Smithers, with expertise in biodegradation, photolysis, and other environmental fate and metabolism studies.

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