ISO 9001 to AS9100 Gap Analysis Guide

ISO 9001 to AS9100 Gap Analysis Guide

If your organization wishes to become a direct supplier to an aerospace manufacturer or wants to get involved in the creation of products used in aircraft, space and defense applications, you will likely need quality certifications to bid on the work.

The two quality standards most often associated with aerospace industry are ISO 9001 and AS9100, and for good reason, as the AS9100 Rev D. standard is built upon ISO 9001. In fact, the two standards mirror each other in many areas, however the critical differences show up in the form of additional requirements included in AS9100 that are specific to the aerospace industry.

As such, Smithers has put together a summarized, side-by-side comparison gap analysis guide to help organizations considering adding AS9100 certification to their company achievements; and already are certified to, or have a familiarity with ISO 9001 certification.

This guide will showcase some of the major take-aways in visual graphic representations for a high level, at a glance insights, in addition to highlighting the addtional requirements found in the AS9100 standard.

Learn more by downloading our ISO 9001 to AS9100 Gap Analysis Guide below:


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