Smithers Unaccredited Auditing Services Tool Kit

Smithers Unaccredited Auditing Services Tool Kit

Comparing the reality of your daily operations with your documented policies and procedures allows you to better understand how well your quality management system is functioning. Conducting an internal audit, or a supplier audit, gives you the opportunity to identify and correct issues that may lead to non-compliance or non-conformance penalties, gaps in your operational process, or excess waste.

To help you get started with the process of internal or supplier auditing, we have created an Unaccredited Auditing Services Tool Kit. 

The Tool Kit Includes: 

A Robust Internal/Supplier Report Template - Preformatted report table with interactive red, green, yellow performance boxes, critical audit numbers box, Corrective Actions formatting, and daily schedule template.

Corrective Actions and Root Cause Analysis Information Sheet - Providing guidance on hove to analyze Root Causes and how to approach Corrective Actions

The Unaccredited Auditing Services Tool Kit was designed to help you take the first steps down the path toward internal or supplier audits. By getting a feel for what our audit reports include, the detail and care with which we conduct each part, and the insights into how we handle Corrective Actions, we look forward to joining you in this critical process.

Looking to measure where your company’s efficiency and performance actually stand?

$85,000 Quality Engineer's Average Salary

25% QE Time Spent Internal Auditing

$21,250 Paid for in-house internal auditing

Smithers Quality Assessments Division provides comprehensive Unaccredited Auditing Services to our clients. Whether against external standards you wish to adhere to or those that have been mandated by your customers, Smithers delivers a high-value, unbiased, and objective review of your current state.

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