ISO Certification Quotes: A Look at Pricing and Value Guide

ISO Certification Quotes: A Look at Pricing and Value Guide

Buying Services That Support Your Goals

When it comes to buying services that support the goals of your business, it can be difficult to determine the right fit, especially when all of your possible suppliers appear to offer the same options. Doubly so when the services needed are a critical requirement to ensure the continued success of your company.

Could you effectively asses a low-price vendor offering transactional support, from a preferred supplier offering a quality relationship? And what does that have to do with ISO certification?

ISO certification and auditing service quotes can be very complicated and somewhat misleading, depending on how they are laid-out  or broken down. Sometimes that is by design to make the up-front price appear more appealing, even though the Certificaiton Body will collect those "savings" back from the buyer later through hidden fees.

What to Expect From an ISO Certification Quote From Smithers

Smithers takes a transparent pricing approach that means there are no surprises or “gotcha” hidden fees backed into or service agreements.  Additionally, you can expect the following from the Smithers quote process:

Clear Numbers

  • No automatic annual audit pricing increases
  • Your quote includes both on-site and off-site audit time
  • You will not be invoiced for auditor in-transit time
  • You do not have to pay a deposit to secure audit dates
True Value Access
  • 24-hour response time to customer inquiries
  • Digital Resource Library
  • Back-office and customer-facing technology solutions designed to create efficiencies and support your business
  • Qualified auditors matched to your business

To learn more about the quoting process for ISO certification, download our short information guide ISO Certification Quotes: A Look at Pricing and Value 

You'll learn how pricing generally works in the industry and what value you hope to gain from the Certification Body you choose.

Smithers offers multiple ISO certification options, as well as similar accredited standards. Visit our Audit page to discover how we can help.

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