Webinar: Obtaining FDA Approval for New Food Contact Substances - an Introduction

Join Smithers Pira Food Contact expert Dr Alistair Irvine to explore the FDA's approach to the registration of new substances.

Webinar ran: February 2019

Download the recording and slides using the link at the bottom of the page


In this webinar, learn more about the FDA's approach to the registration of new substances and how the FDA's exposure model has formed the basis of the various options which are open for the registration of new Food Contact substances. 

Also find out about the data which is required in order to make submissions to the FDA for each of these approval processes. 

The discussion focuses on:

  • The food additive petition process which was the origin of the FDA Regulations (CFR21 parts 177-199).
  • The Food Contact Notification system
  • The Threshold of Regulation system
  • An end of discussion Q&A


Your presenter:

Alistair manages the Food Packaging Safety Section within Smithers Pira. This involves advising clients on the safety legislation which applies to food packaging in a wide range of different countries and coordinating work programmes to ensure that clients' products meet these requirements. His expertise spans all the EU countries, USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Russia and all the South American countries.


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