Smithers Pira and HP publish new white paper on food safe inkjet printing for corrugated packaging

Download a free White Paper from Smithers Pira examining the market potential of HP’s true water-based inkjet print technology for corrugated board packaging.

Within packaging print the race is on to combine the flexibility of inkjet technology with volume production. For converters, the largest volume increase for the next 5 years in this value-adding technology will be in corrugated board work.

Food packaging represents one of the largest and most compelling applications, but one that presents a critical additional technical challenge – ensuring printed inks do not migrate through the substrate into the food.

In this exclusive White Paper, sponsored by HP, Smithers Pira examines this water-based inkjet platform, its advantages when printing on porous corrugated substrates compared to UV-curing systems, initial deployments in primary fruit packaging, and the wider commercial landscape for inkjet printing on corrugated media. 

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