White paper on the real world production performance of sheetfed litho presses

Download a free White Paper from Smithers Pira examining the real world performance of sheetfed litho presses.

In the printing industry there is continual debate on the relative performance of different press platforms. While the technical specifications of the machines may be similar, it is known that there is a wide range in the actual performance of the presses in the manufacturing environment. The critical factor is “how many sheets are produced” on the press platform.

In this White Paper, Smithers Pira surveyed the market considering the last ten years’ worth of actual machine data to obtain definitive data on the real world performance of different sheetfed presses in the industry. This showed significant differences in the performance based on the press manufacturer and also on the press format.

Financial analysis of the cost to produce 1,000 sheets on different press platforms was carried out using the established Smithers Pira cost model. This showed that the real world productivity was a major factor on the final cost of manufacturing, much more important than equipment price.

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