Infographic: Ensuring Patient Safety with Medical Device Testing

Patient safety is the paramount concern for medical device manufacturers; download our infographic which looks at how a comprehensive testing programme can reduce the risk of product and packaging failure.

Ensuring that medical devices are safe is one of the key challenges facing medical manufactuers, with numerous areas which can potentially impact whether a device remains safe and fit-for-purpose: 

  • Product construction and performance: whether the device is fit-for-purpose
  • Drug product: potential reactions with the device - resulting in leached contaminants which could be harmful to health
  • Transportation: the impact of the supply chain on the product and its packaging
  • Packaging: if the packaging is durable enough to keep the device both sterile and damage-free
  • Long-term performance: how the operating environment will affect the performance of the device

The infographic is also available to download via the form below.

Ensuring Patient Safety through Medical Device Testing

With world-leading expertise and comprehensive testing facilities, Smithers are able to provide expert assistance at every part of the medical device supply chain.  

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