Webinar: Medical Devices - Introduction to Design Verification Physical Testing

Smithers Pira experts provide an overview of design verification testing for medical devices, including key considerations, standard and bespoke testing as well as test method validation.

Webinar first ran  26 September 2017

Download webinar slides and recording using the link at the bottom of the page


Design verification testing is used to demonstrate and document that medical devices conform with their design requirements.

Smithers experts Chris Berry and Nikki Lucas make this complex topic accessible in a new webinar. In 60 minutes they will provide an overview of design verification testing for the physical and functional characteristics of medical devices.

The webinar will explore key considerations when developing a test programme. Preseters Chris and Nikki will discuss the development of standard and bespoke test methods - and when to use each aproach. They will also talk through test method validation and how the process works.

After the presentation, we will host a live Q&A session

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With more than 15 years’ experience in materials testing, Chris manages the Smithers Medical Device Physical Testing laboratory in Shawbury, UK.  Nikki is a Technical Consultant at Smithers with a broad knowledge of packaging materials and processes, together with over 5 years’ experience in package validation testing.

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