Poster: Characterising Hot Melt Adhesive Bonding Systems

Presented at the EURADH ’16 conference, Smithers Pira’s poster on ‘The Characterisation of Packaging Hot Melt Adhesive Bonding Systems by Instrumented Test Apparatus’ is now available for download.

The poster provides an overview of how the Smithers Pira Adhesive Performance Tester (PAPT3) machine can be used to characterise hot melt bonding processes; measuring the strength of the developing bond and determining both the setting time and open time of the adhesive. It also details the key process parameters controlled by the machine.

The poster is available for download via the link below.

About the PAPT3 machine

The PAPT3 instrument mimics the hot melt bonding operation at commercial speeds. Various combinations of glues and substrates can be characterised for compatibility with the actual process operation, without the need for production down time.

The PAPT3 machine is available for purchase from Smithers Pira.

Watch the machine in operation:

For any enquiries about the PAPT3 test machine capabilities or how to order, please contact us.

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