Webinar: Considerations for Intermodal and Rail Transit - An Expert Overview

Smithers Pira distribution and package testing expert Michael Kuebler identifies some key considerations for transitioning to a modified logistics strategy that includes intermodal and rail.

Webinar first ran 20 January 2016. 

"Considerations for Intermodal and Rail Transit -
An Expert Overview"

Presented by Michael Kuebler

For many manufacturers and retailers, many external factors have led them to shift transportation strategies to incorporate intermodal or rail transit. This shift is changing packaging requirements for shippers with a focus on ensuring product quality throughout the supply chain, reducing costs and minimizing liability risk.

Packaging is just one of many variables to consider in intermodal or rail transit and this webinar will identify some of the key considerations for shippers.

The webinar covers:

  • Trends leading to a growth in intermodal / rail shipments
  • Considerations for shipping consumer and industrial goods via intermodal / rail
  • How sustainability efforts are affected when shifting to intermodal / rail transit
  • Understanding the supply chain hazards including the loading and unloading processes
  • Pre-shipment testing and optimizing your freight