Thermal Paper Suppliers - Are you ready for the next wave of disruptive technologies?

Many of the end-use markets served by thermal paper are vulnerable to disruption or substitution through the advent of new technology. This exclusive White Paper examines the impact these technologies will have for suppliers and end-use markets.

The next wave of disruptive technology now emerging is electronic receipts. While the technology has already arrived, to date its impact has been minimised by a slow uptake by retailers, and a perceived otherwise reluctance for the consumer to embrace paperless receipts

Ths exclusive white paper gives some initial thoughts in response to the following questions for both suppliers and converters of point-of-sale thermal papers:

  • When will electronic receipts become the norm?
  • What will be the impact be on overall thermal paper demand?
  • What will be the impact on my business?
  • How can I identify and exploit new opportunities?   

Download this white paper now for more information about the the current supply and demand for thermal paper, future demand and an assessment of whether thermal paper will continue to survive in the years to come.