Digital Print for Packaging - 4 ways brand owners are driving market demand

Digital print for packaging and labels is a fast-changing market and is predicted by Smithers Pira to continue growing over the coming years. As a result, many equipment suppliers are developing digital equipment for the mainstream packaging market.

There are various trends that are driving forward the market for digital print for packaging. The development in technology is just one key factor, and brand owners in particular are driving growth.

Brand owners are used to differentiating a seller from its competitors, and packaging can provide brand owners and retailers with an opportunity to promote brand values and enhance consumer experience. Digital printing may be seen as an effective way to meet some of the demands brand owners have for their packaging.

Marketing departments will be attracted by the expansion in marketing opportunities accessible through digital printing, such as versioning, targeted marketing, personalisation, customisation, regionalisation, special editions, consumer empathy, and interactive packaging such as QR coding. 

Other departments may be less keen to adpot this method for a variety of reasons but despite these complications, digital printing for packaging is on the rise, driven by the benefits it presents to brand owners.

This Smithers Pira White Paper examines the four key ways brand owners are driving demand for digital print for packaging.

These are defined as:

  • Added value
  • Personalisation
  • Brand protection
  • Flexibility