White Paper: Metal Packaging Trends - Putting the Rexam Acquisition Into Context

Early 2015, Ball Corp announced it was in talks to buy British drinks can maker Rexam PLC for $6.6 billion. This brand new White Paper from Smithers Pira examines the latest trends in metal packaging and how the market is influenced by these.

This month, Ball Corp announced it was in talks to buy British drinks can maker Rexam Plc for $6.6 billion. Ball and Rexam are two of the three big players in the global beverage can market. If this deal takes place, Ball will hold the majority share of this market with around 40% of the total value, amounting to nearly $15 billion. Thus the company will have the crucial impact on the development of the metal packaging industry.

Metal packaging is one of the major parts of the packaging industry, introducing innovations and dynamic developments. Metal cans have the biggest share of the metal packaging market which grows annually at a 3% rate in value terms and innovations are fundamental to its continued development.

There are a number of trends having an impact on the global metal packaging market. Product differentiation through package branding and price such as the use of distinctive metal containers are one such driver. Convenience is another with more scope for stylish but convienient metal cans as more people choose to have their meals on-the-go.

Sustainability and recyclability are also among the major trends affecting the global market for metal cans with a collection rate of around 70%. More than double that of any other beverage container. In addition, improvements in can making technology and the continuous development of metal grades have made possible the down guaging (light-weighting) of cans in the can making process which is major contributor to the prevention of waste.

The following five key trends for the metal packaging industry are covered in more detail in this white paper:

  • Lightweighting
  • Emerging end-use markets
  • New shapes and forms
  • Advance printing and coating
  • Modern ends and closures