Webinar: How Package Testing Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Understanding how various packaging designs can affect your bottom line is critical to maintaining and improving product line profitability. Custom designed testing protocols can be used to evaluate your packaging options to find the optimal configuration.

Webinar first ran 7 May 2014.

"How Package Testing Can Benefit Your Bottom Line"

Presented by Michael Kuebler

This webinar addresses the many benefits of implementing a package testing programme for your product line to ensure that the package design will hold up to the ever-changing demands of a supply chain.

Common industry standards can provide a good benchmark to ensure a product's safety when moving through the supply chain. However, laboratory-based custom testing and simulation can help optimize package design - assisting with sustainability initiatives and revealing cost and damage reduction opportunities that add to your bottom line.

The webinar covers:

  • Difference between real life, standard and custom transit testing
  • Common real world logistics issues
  • How to dial in an "optimized package"
  • Cost analysis example
    • Demonstration of the PackSmart Cost Estimator tool