Article: Vibration Testing: The NEXT Generation

Lansing laboratory introduces new capability: vibration testing at controlled temperatures.

Vibration testing, the simulation of road or air shipments, is just one of the many typical tests performed daily at Smithers Pira. While vibration is one of the most common tests performed in package distribution testing, temperature is another. While basic vibration testing can be useful in a variety of package testing situations, in many cases it may be beneficial to also maintain certain thermal conditions to obtain a more accurate prediction of product damage.

Smithers Pira now offers vibration testing at controlled conditions which allows more accurate prediction of product damage results during transit, most notably for perishable food products.

Michael Kuebler, Technical Director for Distribution Package Testing at Smithers Pira explains, "In some cases, these food sectors have struggled achieving correlation between lab and field performance, limiting the ability to utilize and benefit from transit testing. This service is typically unavailable in commercial transit testing laboratories and we are always looking to ...improve the solutions we can offer our clients. [Vibration at controlled temperature testing] allows us to support both damage reduction initiatives and packaging improvement/cost saving projects [for our clients]".

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